Rick Rule sat down with us at the Sprott Conference. He’s extremely upbeat about precious metals and believes we’re at the beginning of another bull market. The average such bull lasts for three years and sees advances of 300 percent or more. What will propel this one even further is the discovery of the sector by millennials. Rick believes that their refined research skills, their need to self-validate information and their risk-taking nature will secure them large gains, at least initially. Then greed and recklessness could takeover and lead to larger losses. 

We also talked about AI in exploration, and the independent rogue miners who do so much damage. 

Get ready for the bull now!

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The current economic situation, at least according to Doug Casey is hopeless. There’s no turning back as debt continues to mount and the decline of the West becomes ever more obvious. The best thing you can do is learn to profit from it, which Doug has done quite well. We also talked about Doug’s upcoming book The Assassin. Fun times ahead. 

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