Former Whitehouse speech writer Kasey Pipes has written a book about resurgence of Nixon's historical profile. While Nixon resigned in disgrace and was generally reviled by future generations of politicians, he's had a comeback. While Trump is certainly much different that Nixon, they have a number of things in common, particularly their pragmatic America First foreign policy. The idea of making the world safe for democracy is foreign to both. They have been far more concerned about how America will benefit. Trump has shown this in his overwhelming opposition to military adventurism. Nixon avoided military entanglements after the Vietnam War ended. One affect of Nixon's economic policy gravely affected the world economic system. The 1971 closing of the gold window is still being felt today. And interesting read. 

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Danielle is unconvinced that the recent gold breakout has legs. She's not seeing inflation in the picture because wages are fairly stagnant and there's no catalyst on the horizon. Debt continues to increase at unsustainable rates and eventually that will lead to a deflationary decline. And right now the global economy is slowing down and the central banks have reacted by turning on the monetary spigot, with predictable results. 

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