Jeffrey Epstein was indicted once again for sex crimes against minors. The jet-setting, world-class pedophile is a bit of an enigma. No one really knows where his money came and how he became a billionaire hedge fund manager. What we do know is that he had many friends in high places. Now it seems that no one knows who he is and of course never did. While the mainstream media is busy trying to pin it all on Trump, we know that he was Epstein was barred from the President's club Mar-a-Lago, many years ago for sexual transgressions towards a minor. Somethings never change. Let's see if Epstein is allowed out on bail. That will give us a good idea of where this is heading, fix or justice? The result will tell us a lot about where our country is heading. 

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Last Friday was a down day for many uranium producers. They were hoping that President Trump would take decisive action to shore up the domestic industry, but it didn't happen. While he refused to impose tariffs or quotas he did mandate a study into the uranium supply along with ways that domestic production can be increased and imports lessened. Dan believes it's just a temporary setback and the market will quickly right itself. 

Cannabis will come up again shortly. It appears that the President is supporting a bi-partisan bill to legalize the dreaded weed. How soon, we don't know, but the election is right around the corner. Everyone wants maximum political benefits from legalization. 

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David Erfle started JuniorMinerJunky newsletter in the midst of the resource trough. While others were fleeing the space, David marched onward, confident that things would turn around sooner rather than later. And now it's all happening. Gold has broken through resistance and appears to be on its way to major gains. And silver won't be left behind. The next phase of the bull will bring silver along with it. This could go on for years. 

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