Lisa Bradley was a military wife with too much time on her hands and not enough cash. She conceived of R. Riveter as means to earn some extra income, but more importantly to help other military spouses who were suffering a similar fate. She appeared on the television show Shark Tank and immediately achieved an offer from Mark Cuban. The company has taken off and she's employing more military spouses than ever. She is an amazing person and we wish her the best of luck. 

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Recently public rental bicycles have appeared in many large cities, to much popular acclaim. Anwar Sukkarie believes it's time for a public electric sit-down scooter revolution. His company Loop Share Ltd. (FSN sponsor), has already placed scooters in Beirut Lebanon and has more cities on its list. The concept is simple, provide the public with economical electric, environmentally safe scooters with a driving range up to 40 miles and watch drivers give up their cars. And it's safety first, the scooters come with a helmet which must be worn before starting. There are other companies with similar goals, but Loop has just purchased the IP for lower speed scooters that could further revolutionize personal mobility as we know it. It's a giant step forward in Micro-Mobility. 

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Much like the soldier during the Vietnam War who notably quipped - We had to kill the village to save it, Paul Krugman probably believes that we need to kill the economy before it can be saved. He should be thrilled with the Trump Admin's debt on steroids policy. After all Krugman was always saying the answer to what ails the economy is debt and more debt. Predictably Krugman is calling for a recession later this year. So much for the stock market's January effect. 

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What's happening in the economy? Where's the price of gold heading? Should you be worried about an economic decline. What's going to happen in 2019. Our round table answers these questions and many more. We answer some listener questions and let you know where we think things are heading. An important conversation that you need to hear. 

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David Morgan is one of the most knowledgeable precious metals authority on the planet. He's been doing it for 40 years. We had a wide ranging discussion covering the folly of the Fed, why precious metals are the ultimate hedge and how you can make up for a lot of bad investment decisions with just one right one. A look at the world economic situation shows at some point precious metals could very well be the answer to global chaos. Precious metals will once again become very important and relevant. 

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Imagine going into your bank to apply for a loan, having all of your documents perfectly organized and one sheet summarizing the important points of your loan request. John Matheson has developed a cloud based solution that will allow you to meet your loan officer and get treated as an equal. It all comes down to preparation and experience. John will help prepare and make the experience a positive one. 

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Financial advisor Dee Carter lives in the midst of the booming Permian Basin in Texas. They keep producing more and more oil and keep discovering new fields. The world may indeed go green one day, but it's going to need petroleum to get there. And for the foreseeable future, there's nothing else that is going to power the transportation of people and goods better than petroleum based fuels. It's nice to dream about an all electric future, but for now it's just that - a dream. 

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CEO Dan Anglin was recently named to High Times's list of 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis. He's an FSN show sponsor and he's been involved in the Cannabis industry from the beginning. It is still a nascent industry and no one knows exactly where it's heading. However, Dan is charting a course to become a branding powerhouse and licensing operator. In the end, it's all about the brand. He's built a team that's got major Cannabis experience and is rapidly moving ahead. The company is publicly traded on the CSE: CANA and the OTCQB: CNNXT. It's well capitalized and upon completion of its current raise, it will be debt free. While no one knows when Washington DC will legalize Cannabis, it's a pretty good bet they will at some point. But when the government gives you something, it always comes with strings. And no one knows what those strings will be. 

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Prepping doesn't have to be extreme to be effective. Dunnagan Kaiser explains to us how he got involved. It was the realization reinforced by a friendly police office that when disaster struck, he would be on his own. That gave birth to a highly successful YouTube channel and website. Having some emergency food on hand, a water filter, some self-defense tools and some precious metals is just a start. There's a lot more to it than that. It's a process and a life long study. 

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Making money in investments is more about you than the actual investment. The first rule of successful investing should be know thyself. When you're aware of your goals and understand the risks you need to take to achieve them, investing takes on a whole new realm. Why we act is as important as what we actually do. Joel's new book goes into this in depth and shows you how to adopt a winning attitude. 

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Luke Gromen believes that the much ballyhooed celebration over the end of the US-China trade war is extremely premature. To Luke, it's a case of an immovable object getting hit by an unstoppable force. For the US to prosper and start making things again, it will have to give up the dollar's reserve currency status. For China to move forward, it will have to give up its predatory IP policy and other China First measures. It's effectively a fight for world domination. And it has a long way to go before it's resolved. 

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It was an exciting January with stock markets vigorously bouncing back, metals performing well with gold breaking 1300 and silver topping 16.Palladium continued its major bull move. A bit of a bounce back in WTI and Brent. Henry Hub kept falling. Bitcoin lost another 7.3%. Rates on the 10 year Treasury declined. While the VIX dropped, volatility in most markets is on the rise. Just wait till next month!

DJIA  01/31/19 25500 9.3%
S&P 500  01/31/19 2704 7.9%
NASDAQ  01/31/19 7282 9.8%
RUS 2000  01/31/19 1499 11.1%
TSX  01/31/19 15541 8.5%
TSX.V  01/31/19 623 11.8%
MCSI  01/31/19 1050 8.7%
VIX  01/31/19 16.57  
DXY  01/31/19  95.57 -0.6%
EURO  01/31/19 1.14 -0.2%
10 Year  01/31/19 2.63 -2.2%
Bitcoin  01/31/19 3422 -7.3%
Au  01/31/19 1321 3.0%
Ag  01/31/19 16.04 3.7%
Pt  01/31/19 820 3.3%
Pd  01/31/19 1330 6.2%
Cu  01/31/19 2.77 2.1%
WTI  01/31/19 53.79 18.5%
Brent  01/31/19 61.89 18.4%
Henry Hub  01/31/19 2.81 -4.4%
U308  01/31/19 28.95 0.9%
Ratios  01/31/19    
1.15 19.1 24.6  
Au : Ag Pt : Au Pt : Pd  
82.4 0.62 0.62
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Jarl Jensen is an expert in innovation, creativity, and reimagining the economic and social order. He is passionate about talking to people about what they can do to do their part to fix our economy because it is one of the biggest problems we as Americans (and as people) are facing today. Since his exit from his very successful company, Jarl has been focusing on the dysfunctional economy and has written the book Optimizing America, through which he encourages the reader to change the way we think about the distribution of wealth in America.

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