What's happening in the economy? Where's the price of gold heading? Should you be worried about an economic decline. What's going to happen in 2019. Our round table answers these questions and many more. We answer some listener questions and let you know where we think things are heading. An important conversation that you need to hear. 

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David Morgan is one of the most knowledgeable precious metals authority on the planet. He's been doing it for 40 years. We had a wide ranging discussion covering the folly of the Fed, why precious metals are the ultimate hedge and how you can make up for a lot of bad investment decisions with just one right one. A look at the world economic situation shows at some point precious metals could very well be the answer to global chaos. Precious metals will once again become very important and relevant. 

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Imagine going into your bank to apply for a loan, having all of your documents perfectly organized and one sheet summarizing the important points of your loan request. John Matheson has developed a cloud based solution that will allow you to meet your loan officer and get treated as an equal. It all comes down to preparation and experience. John will help prepare and make the experience a positive one. 

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