Financial advisor Dee Carter lives in the midst of the booming Permian Basin in Texas. They keep producing more and more oil and keep discovering new fields. The world may indeed go green one day, but it's going to need petroleum to get there. And for the foreseeable future, there's nothing else that is going to power the transportation of people and goods better than petroleum based fuels. It's nice to dream about an all electric future, but for now it's just that - a dream. 

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The State of the Union isn't as great as some would have you believe. Interest payments have hit $400 billion per year. Trump taking ownership of the economy is a mistake because it could come tumbling down at any time. Daniel believes the Dems are too self-interested in their own power and have given up any semblance of caring for the people. Identity politics and slash and burn is what they're all about. Perhaps the debt will get taken care of when it becomes a major crisis. The Fed rules!

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CEO Dan Anglin was recently named to High Times's list of 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis. He's an FSN show sponsor and he's been involved in the Cannabis industry from the beginning. It is still a nascent industry and no one knows exactly where it's heading. However, Dan is charting a course to become a branding powerhouse and licensing operator. In the end, it's all about the brand. He's built a team that's got major Cannabis experience and is rapidly moving ahead. The company is publicly traded on the CSE: CANA and the OTCQB: CNNXT. It's well capitalized and upon completion of its current raise, it will be debt free. While no one knows when Washington DC will legalize Cannabis, it's a pretty good bet they will at some point. But when the government gives you something, it always comes with strings. And no one knows what those strings will be. 

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