As noted computer security expert says, it’s no secret that there’s a global epidemic of data theft and hacker infiltration. While larger companies have made some progress in protecting their data, the breeches continue. Your information is out there floating around on the dark web. Nonetheless, you still need to do everything in your power to keep your data safe. Rob gives a number of action steps you can take to minimize the chances your data will get stolen. 

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As Ned Schmidt observes, precious metals have been racking up impressive gains since October. The dollar and the stock market appear to have peaked. That leaves the metals to take up the charge. Have you seen Palladium? Breaking records almost daily. Mining stocks have picked up as well. As far as the agricultural commodities go, Ned believes that China is in big trouble because of the Pig Flu epidemic which has led to major reductions in hog production and therefore a major need for US farm products. Right now, there's not much news coming out, but come early April the trend will become obvious. Interesting times ahead!

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Naresh Vissa has just written his 6th book. Several of them have gone on to become Amazon Bestsellers. His book about podcasting has sold over 12,000 copies, a remarkable achievement. His latest book From Nobody to Bestselling Author appears ready to follow the trend. He covers the basics from how to write, how to be interesting and how to be a marketable author. It's hard to believe that using free dictation software on your smartphone can help turn you into a bestseller. Naresh has a system and it has worked for him and many others. Of course there's no guarantees, but using it will give you the best possible chance for success and stardom. 

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Blue Sky Uranium is one of the most exciting exploration companies on one of the most undervalued market sectors. In this interview Blue Sky’s CEO Nikolas Cacos explains why the price of uranium could double in the coming year, and why his company’s upcoming news might catch the attention of the industry's big players.  Hours after our interview the Company released a highly favorable Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA). Click here to review it...


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