Just when you thought the market for Cannabis had peaked, major consumer product companies have started discovering the space. Altria (formerly known as Phillip Morris) has made a large investment. Same with Heineken Brewers and others. More and more jurisdictions are looking at cannabis legalization to increase government tax revenues and to lower law enforcement expenditures. Eventually it's going to turn into a branding contest. Hopefully small, craft oriented growers will be able to remain competitive, but make no mistake, it's going to be a huge global industry. 

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Prepping doesn't have to be extreme to be effective. Dunnagan Kaiser explains to us how he got involved. It was the realization reinforced by a friendly police office that when disaster struck, he would be on his own. That gave birth to a highly successful YouTube channel and website. Having some emergency food on hand, a water filter, some self-defense tools and some precious metals is just a start. There's a lot more to it than that. It's a process and a life long study. 

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Making money in investments is more about you than the actual investment. The first rule of successful investing should be know thyself. When you're aware of your goals and understand the risks you need to take to achieve them, investing takes on a whole new realm. Why we act is as important as what we actually do. Joel's new book goes into this in depth and shows you how to adopt a winning attitude. 

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