Lisa Bradley was a military wife with too much time on her hands and not enough cash. She conceived of R. Riveter as means to earn some extra income, but more importantly to help other military spouses who were suffering a similar fate. She appeared on the television show Shark Tank and immediately achieved an offer from Mark Cuban. The company has taken off and she's employing more military spouses than ever. She is an amazing person and we wish her the best of luck. 

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Recently public rental bicycles have appeared in many large cities, to much popular acclaim. Anwar Sukkarie believes it's time for a public electric sit-down scooter revolution. His company Loop Share Ltd. (FSN sponsor), has already placed scooters in Beirut Lebanon and has more cities on its list. The concept is simple, provide the public with economical electric, environmentally safe scooters with a driving range up to 40 miles and watch drivers give up their cars. And it's safety first, the scooters come with a helmet which must be worn before starting. There are other companies with similar goals, but Loop has just purchased the IP for lower speed scooters that could further revolutionize personal mobility as we know it. It's a giant step forward in Micro-Mobility. 

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Much like the soldier during the Vietnam War who notably quipped - We had to kill the village to save it, Paul Krugman probably believes that we need to kill the economy before it can be saved. He should be thrilled with the Trump Admin's debt on steroids policy. After all Krugman was always saying the answer to what ails the economy is debt and more debt. Predictably Krugman is calling for a recession later this year. So much for the stock market's January effect. 

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