What’s going on in the markets? Stockton University Professor of Finance, Michael Busler, comes on the show to talk about why markets are behaving in the way that they are. The stock market and investors are ultimately telling us that the recession we’ve been talking about is real, and and it is going to continue to get worse over the next year. Additionally, multiple sectors such as energy and agriculture (i.e. grain) have been greatly impacted by the war on Ukraine, and have caused further geopolitical conflict. Tune in for more insight on what’s to come.

-Professor at Stockton University
-The total wealth of the stock market has declined by almost $9 trillion
-The price you’re willing to pay for a stock depends on your expectation of future earnings
-If you believe a recession is coming and corporate profit is going to go down, then the price of your stock is going to go down
-The stock market/investors are telling us that this recession is real and is going to get worse over the next year
-The war on fossil fuels is driving prices up and supplies down
-The war has resulted in the shutoff of Russia’s natural gas
-The Biden administration has wanted us to leave fossil fuels since day 1, but not every American is convinced of the validity of this idea
-Reducing the supply of fossil fuels has driven up the prices of energy, which have also been affected by inflation
-The entire energy policy has caused much of the inflation we have today as well as geopolitical problems
-10% of the world’s grains come from Russia and Ukraine, which have been shut off. Food prices are going to go up even more. This will have a significant impact less developed countries

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