Inflation numbers are coming out at 30 year highs, and CPI isn’t going down any time soon. What indicators should we analyze in order to explain the current economic circumstances? I sit down and chat with Eddie Yoon, who attributes some of the trends in labor force participation and unemployment to an unusual number of baby boomers working for decades and now retiring. We are trying to solve for something systemic by implementing short term solutions, and businesses ultimately have to shift gears to cater to one two two person households rather than the nuclear family. Tune in for more insightful remarks from Eddie.

-Inflation numbers are coming out at 30 year record highs
-Unemployment numbers look good, but these are lagging indicators
-CPI is not going down; is this good or bad? This is also a lagging indicator
-We are causing inflation in order to fight inflation with interest rates
-Consumer sentiment is trending up, which is a good sign
-The number of travelers is still trending upwards
-Labor force participation is low in comparison to the last 40 years
-If unemployment was higher, the Fed may back off
-There may be something simpler going on that explains what is going on
-Baby boomers retiring may play into labor participation
-It’s not that things are problematic in the near term, it’s that we had an unusually large work force for about three decades, and these people are now retiring and leaving
-We’re solving for something systemic with short term solutions, which is going to cause more damage
-The businesses that are going to do better will be less volume dependent and more premium oriented
-Companies designed around the nuclear family will struggle, while businesses designed for one to two person households will be more successful

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When is the capitulation going to come by the central banks? Gordon T. Long comes on this episode to talk about our current economic problems—including energy, central bank issues, and the progression of inflation. There’s no easy way out of the current inflationary environment, and it looks as if the Fed is going to have to hold rates up longer than we want in order to reach capitulation. Tune in for Gordon’s analytic perspective and more information on what’s to come.

-We’re nowhere close to solving the energy problem, and now it has become a geopolitical issue
-The implementation plan for green energy in the US makes no sense
-Energy in Europe is a massive issue, and we are in a cycle
-Pushing green energy without the market being ready/able would push us back to brown energy at this rate
-Force feeding creates bad policies
-We’re seeing central banks with serious problems that spring out of gyration that accompanies inflation
-Too many people have their eyes on the Fed
-The only way to get inflation under control is to hold up rates longer than people want and to get the capitulation to happen
-The current situation is unique because, as things are breaking, the treasury is taking actions
-If inflation pivots too quickly, people will turn against the Federal Reserve in a massive way
-How do you make money in these circumstances? Sometimes it just takes patience; you have to establish the trends

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