We love having guests on Financial Survival Network that can help you bring your entrepreneur game to the next level. Ken Burke comes on this episode to tell you about how you can combine your idea for a business with action to supercharge your entrepreneurial career. Ken discusses multiple strategies for getting your business out there; it’s important to not only manifest your goals, but to take action and put in the time/work to grow your business. Rather than imagining failure and looking for obstacles, start learning and get feedback from other entrepreneurs to make the necessary improvements.

-Ken is all about teaching people to embed growth in their businesses
-Entrepreneurship is a learned skill; it is a passion to create something out of nothing
-How do you know when your passion/business idea is legitimate? If you have an idea, remember that action creates momentum
-Google competitors and other products/services to take steps towards your idea
-A great entrepreneurial skill is patience and perseverance; you have to be in the game to win the game
-Remember that things don’t necessarily work on YOUR timeline
-Make sure your idea is financially feasible. If you can’t make money with your idea, you can’t grow it or create meaningful impact
-The law of attraction is helpful for clarity and directing your energy towards something that can manifest/produce itself. On the flip side, it doesn’t provide the action that is needed to create something; you have to do this!
-Fear of failure stops entrepreneurs from actually pursuing their idea because they fall into analysis paralysis
-We are ultimately all hear to learn, grow, and develop; failure is impossible because these feats always teach us something and allow us to get better
-The stronger the problem an entrepreneur is solving, the bigger the opportunity
-Get feedback from other entrepreneurs and your target market. Your idea may need refinement so that people can understand it
-People want to know that they can get out of your product; focus on the emotional output of your product

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