We sat down for a sponsor update with Fury Gold Mines’ CEO Tim Clark and SVP of Exploration Brian Atkinson. The company recently concluded an 18,000 meter drill program and has received half of the results to date. Drill results from two holes came in particularly strong, with the first (drill hole 22EC-055) intercepting eight zones of mineralization across 290m, including 4.0m of 5.75 g/t gold, 1.0m of 9.81 g/t gold and 3.0m of 1.93 g/t gold and with the second (drill hole 22EC-049) intercepting six zones of gold mineralization across 350m including 1.0m of 21.40 g/t gold and 4.50m of 1.09 g/t gold, at the Hinge Target.

This resulted in mineralization being extended by nearly 25%. SVP Atkinson explained, “We have now stepped out over 450m from the defined Eau Claire Resource and have yet to find the limits of the mineralized system…further drilling may potentially lead to a substantial increase in defined gold ounce resources. The goal is to find 2 million ounces.”

CEO Clark added that he is very pleased with the results and the company is looking forward to next year’s drill program. The recent partial sale of Fury’s shares in Dolly Varden Silver, together with other earlier transactions has left Fury with C$13 million in the treasury. Thus next year's drill program is in the bank. The company's stability continues to attract additional institutional investors and interest from major producers. While many of its peers have had to put things on hold, Fury continues ahead unabated.

The junior mining sector finds itself in a paradox. Institutions are following the sector closely, while individual investors are all but ignoring it. Quite clearly there is a disconnect and this could be the pathway to large profits, which is why we own shares in Fury and are committed to the sector.

Company website www.FuryGoldMines.com

 Ticker Symbol: TSX/NYSE American: FURY

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What can you do to accomplish your goals and lower your risk within the current economic environment? Russ Morgan from Wealth Without Wall Street comes on the show to talk about how you can make sound investments in uncertain times, and ultimately mitigate your risk. Russ emphasizes the importance of monthly cash flow investments, and recommends the non-typical investments. Tune in to hear more about how you can manage your risk and make wise decisions in uncertain economic circumstances.

-Inflation is showing no signs of letting up, everything is getting more costly, and we’re seeing heightened geopolitical risks
-You can’t live off of fixed income without it being impacted whenever the government makes changes
-You can’t eliminate the effects of inflation, but you can creatively mitigate your risk in a few ways
-Russ has been investing for cash flow very heavily over the last 2-3 years
-Passive income greater than monthly expenses is financial freedom
-Rents in the real estate are going up rather than down
-It’s helpful to invest in multiple cash flow sectors—especially non-typical investments
-Russ recommends The Art of Passive Income Podcast if you’re curious about land investments
-How long is this down cycle going to last?
-Interest rates will probably raise for the next 12-18 months, and then come down sharply
-This makes sense if you consider that the commercial banks own the Federal Reserve
-Find investment opportunities that make cash flow on a monthly basis. Everything can lose money, but making cash monthly puts you in a more secure position
-Investing for rate of return and not understanding what you’re investing in are some of the greatest mistakes, according to Russ
-Many people invest in things that they can’t touch, with no access to their cash flow

Useful Links:
Financial Survival Network
Wealth Without Wall Street

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