Inflation is here to stay, and Lobo Tiggre comes on the show to talk about why this is the case. Countries like China are paying the price for their totalitarian form of governing, as well as countries/states that were more strict during the pandemic. Additionally, we are in the midst of a bear market that is a product of the Fed raising rates, and the US consumer is still spending in hopes that the Fed will beat inflation. Tune in For more insight.

-Things look bad right now, but fear not—we’ve been here before, and we’ve gotten out of it
-China is now paying the price for having totalitarian power; they are still struggling as a result of the lockdowns
-The states that were more ‘free’ during the pandemic are doing better now
-We’re in the midst of a bear market that is a reaction to the Fed’s raising of rates
-In the US, the consumer is still spending
-The average person still things the fed is going to beat inflation
-Triple digit oil prices are probably going to be the new normal
-If you don’t like the price of gasoline, buy some oil companies and profit on the upside
-Utilities are regarded as a safe investment, but they don’t have control over their pricing—they’re governed by politics
-In regard to currency, the dollar will be the last man standing

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