There’s so much happening in crypto with the bear market, so Gregory Johnson comes on the show to tell us how cryptocurrencies are going to behave in light of the financial world. As the CEO/Founder of Rubicon Crypto, Gregory’s mission is to provide investment solutions and understanding within the crypto space. He explains that regulation is actually going to drive the next bull run, and stresses the importance of having the longest term view when investing in crypto. Tune in for more expert insight.

-There’s a lot going on in crypto; bear market and Bitcoin is with us
-We have been trading mildly under the resistance point in the last few days
-A lot of the crypto behavior is going to depend on what’s happening in the financial world. We’ve seen interest rates going up, but this shouldn’t deter the optimism and excitement for the timeline investors should be thinking about in terms of digital assets
-Ethereum is the largest cryptocurrency in terms of network usage and integration
-The dollar is hitting record levels on the DXY index
-With cryptos, there’s all sorts of ETFs and futures contracts
-We need to be mindful of celebrity investing culture
-Regulation is going to drive the next bull run
-Early adopters will benefit from increased structure, from a regulatory perspective
-If you are involved in digital assets, you have to have the longest term view.

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