There's a global energy transformation currently underway and carbon neutral clean (smelter-free) nickel is crucial to this revolution. However, it’s exceedling scarce, unless you know where to find it. President and CEO Martin Turenne has already a lot of it, potentially billions of pounds. 

His company FPX Nickel (sponsor) has an ambitious exploration and drill program underway in two projects located in the Deckar Nickel District (British Columbia). The Baptiste Project is the world’s third largest undeveloped nickel deposit, but the Van Project could easily dwarf it. The company is drilling to ascertain the exact magnitude of the deposit; Martin is convinced it’s huge. Presently, the market hasn’t yet factored in Van’s vast potential value. When it does, FPX will see a dramatic upward revaluation.  

Martin observed that nickel and copper generally trade at a 2.5:1 ratio. It's now at 2:1, indicating that nickel is relatively undervalued. Considering that copper is trading near its all-time high, whereas nickel is trading for little more than 1/3 its 2011 record peak, nickel presents an interesting opportunity. With spot nickel at 8.42 per pound, there’s plenty of upside potential, and with FPX trading well under its less environmentally sensitive peers, it’s poised for major stock price appreciation. 

Company website - Tickers: OTC: FPOCF - TSX-V: FPX 

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