Michael Moor studied Management and Finance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in order to get a more technical financial background. After starting with Citigroup, he moved on to be a Trader's Assistant for Chicago Research & Trading (CRT) on the trading floor of the NYMEX, working with futures and options pit traders. He developed a reputation for consistently making large directional calls in the markets, and started Moor Analytics at the request of two Natural Gas and Crude Oil option traders. This grew to encompass over 1/4 the NYMEX membership as clients, and was the #1 large-call published analyst on the NYMEX for over 10 years until he moved the business off the floor. He has since also included European energies and Gold, and currently has proprietary traders, hedge funds, and oil companies as clientele.

Michael is following energy, gold and bitcoin and shares his insights with us. Michael was bullish on crude oil since it hit $15. He was also following unleaded gasoline. He’s looking for massive upside potential on crude. He’s seeing $110 maximum upside on crude. We’re probably in a bearish correction for crude. Michael has been very macro bullish gold, we have not yet erased the macro-bullish trend in gold. Short term gold is bullish. We could have another run to the 1830-1834 area or as high as 1854-1855. If it takes out 1900-1910 that could mean a new high. Bitcoin is very technical and they apply to it like any other market.

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