Silver One Resources (sponsor) CEO Greg Crowe joined us for an update. Concerning the recent decline in metals prices, he’s unfazed. Greg has been around the sector for decades and this is what he’s come to expect. It’s just the way the markets work. And, Greg and his team have been working overtime at their Candalaria Project. When we visited the Nevada mine in 2019, we were extremely impressed with the scale and scope of the project. It had been a high-grade producing silver mine for decades, until declining metals prices made it uneconomical to operate. Those days are soon to be over. Greg had several goals in his efforts to reactivate the project. 1) Extend down dip for high-grade. 2) Extend both east and west along strike of the large Diablo Pit. 3) Find a porphyry system at depth. The first two goals were accomplished earlier this year. Greg informed us that the third goal has now been achieved. The last holes yielded 1070 g/t of silver and 1.48 g/t of gold over 4.57 meters. And deep drilling to the north is showing all the signs of a potential porphyry system, apparently open to depth. The news couldn’t be better. As Greg stated, “…all goals laid out at the outset have been met.” The upcoming economic study will focus on taking material from the abandoned heap-leach pads and mixing it with fresh mineralization, which should increase the overall grade of silver recoveries. This will hasten the Candalaria’s eventual restart. Silver One’s recent news has set in motion the mine’s reactivation with resulting profits to patient shareholders (like us).



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New home sales and lumber prices both down, is housing cooling off? Home price were rising at the fastest rate ever. Housing is beyond the means of most Americans. New home sales down 6%. Inventory is spiking and lumber is tanking, wiping out all its 2021 gains. 

How big a deal is the end of the eviction moratorium? Extended emergency unemployment insurance is ending in September. Perhaps it will send a lot of people back to work. 

Anti-vax protests worldwide while US considers a new mask mandate. Will people just ignore it? The LA County Sheriff has refused to enforce the latest mask mandate. If he won’t enforce it, who will?

Earnings season doesn't matter for most stocks but might be helpful for the precious metals miners. Upside earnings have been baked into not just this year’s cake but next year and the year’s after. Good time coming for juniors and pm’s. 

Biden's mental state finally drawing attention. His poll numbers are falling. The media just figured it out. 

Bitcoin confab between Musk and Dorsey. Amazon might be about to start taking Bitcoin. A lot of potential acceptance appears to be taking place among high-power corps and money managers. Will the Fed react? 

Strange Weather Patterns and China Flooding, monster heatwave on the West Coast. Forest fires burning most of the West.

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The Delta Variant could be running rampant. Will there be more shutdowns and what effect will it have on the global economy. Noted economic and financial Octavio Marenzi gives us his take on what's happening and what he believes is going to happen. What do you think? Let us know, send an email to


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