Wells Fargo closes personal credit lines, implies they are worried about something. They’re even eliminating overdraft protection on checking accounts. 

$100 cheeseburger has arrived. Restaurants are imposing customer minimums or table minimums. Is that really wise? Are they so busy they can raise prices and not worry about empty tables. 

Everyone is putting in pools, it’s a form of prepping. If there’s another lockdown, at least you’ll get your exercise. It’s part of the trend of housing upgrades. Housing prices are up so much that maybe they’re using home equity lines. An unproductive exercise. 


Tucker Carlson being surveilled by NSA, he’s been under surveillance to set up an interview with Vladimir Putin. These communications were subsequently unmasked and were in the process of leaking it to other news outlets to smear him. They’re watching everyone, one way or the other. Then they ship it off to the justice department for criminal prosecution. 


Haitian president assassinated. Is there a US connection? Nothing to see here, move along. 

US is out of Afghanistan, finally. What was accomplished?

Biden admin is going door to door for vaccinations. Sounds unconstitutional to us, but what do we know? 

Inflation might not be transitory. It’s not the inflation of the 1970’s, it’s causes are different. Messed up global supply chain. Massive amounts of currency created and continues to be created. WSJ says boomers retirement is inflationary. Flies in the face of traditional demographics. 

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Nothing has changed. If you’ve followed precious metals for years as had Andy, there’s nothing new hear. Wealthy investors, sovereign wealth funds and others has been taking metal off the Comex at record rates. Don’t expect the markets to move in logical fashion. The markets are being manipulated to distract, deflect and deceive. Deliveries are accelerating at a rapid rate. Right now you’re being subsidized to buy metals. Hang on, turn off your computer if you must and sit back. Pricing is the key means of deception to keep attention off the real story. Basel III is going to have a profound effect. The UK has gotten a temporary reprieve concerning futures and physical settlement. The final chapter has not yet been written. We may see a time where London no longer sets the gold price. Eventually price will take of itself. Ultimately, it will go much higher. 

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We’ve come across an interesting newly public company, American Eagle Gold (sponsor), that is focused on finding a major gold deposit on its flagship property, Golden Trend in Nevada. The property is located on the famed Cortez Trend, close by to Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining’s Gold Rush and Cortez mines. To date, those mines have produced over 27 million ounces. CEO Tony Moreau says it’s all about, “location, location, location. This project is like having a house on the lake.” And who better than Mark Bradley, (VP of Exploration) to find the proverbial needle in a haystack? He did it before when he led the Gold Rush discovery team and he knows more about this area than almost anyone. Mark observed that Gold Trend’s geology is a near mirror image of Gold Rush. Now it’s a matter of triangulation, finding the best targets and getting the drill turning. The permitting process starts next month; drilling is expected in the fourth quarter. They’re also focused on acquiring and advancing other gold projects in the area. As investors in AE we believe that lightening will indeed strike twice.   30% owned by Ore Group Website: americaneaglegold.ca/ - Ticker TSXV: AE

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