Stock markets were mixed in June: Dow was flat at 34503, S&P 500 added 2.3%, Nasdaq was up a huge 5.5%, Russell 2000 up 1.9%, TSX added 3.3% TSX.V up 2.2%. VIX down to a stable 15.65. Dollar reversed course and was up up an impressive 2.8% to 92.35 and Euro was down 3%. 10 Year is yielding 1.45%. Bitcoin was down another 5.3%. Gold was slammed 7.29% to 1770. Silver was off 7% to 26.10. Pt down a massive 9.8%. Pd was off slightly .6% for the month to 2712. Copper corrected 8% to $4.24, after hitting a 10 year high in May. Oil was up big, WTI up 10.8% to 73.47. Brent up 7.9% to 75.13. Natgas shot up another 22.1% to 3.65. Uranium rose 3.3% to $32.33, extending the up trend. 
Ratios:  Au:Ag normalizing at 67.8, Pt:Au .60, Pt:Pd .39 (going lower still) BRT:WTI 1.02, WTI:HH 20.1 and AU:WTI 24.1, getting back to it's historic levels.  
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We sat down with Pat Varas CEO of Norden Crown Metals (sponsor). He just completed a financing. We wanted to connect  with him to see where the company is heading. (We are shareholders)

Pat is optimistic about the world-class Gumsberg VMS project in the Bergslagen district. Norden Crown is focused on advancement of the multiple mineralized trends there. The project looks to be rich in zinc and silver. The application of modern mining techniques to this under-explored area will bring major results. It’s a broken hill type deposit, which means the deposit could be quite substantial. Since the 1200's, the area has had a long mining, prior to any uses for zinc. For theses reasons Pat says, “The prospectivity [is] fantastic.”

In Norway Norden is joint venturing on a very promising copper project. Due to the world’s quest for expanded electrification, increased copper demand is virtually assured, a major plus for the company.

Zinc is also a metal in tune with the electrification theme. Great progress been made in zinc-air battery development. It could eventually rival lithium, especially for large-scale storage batteries that will hold many mega-watts of electricity. 

As it happens, Scandanavia has a rich history of mining and their rules are quite favorable. The permit procedures in place allow an applicant to obtain permits in as little as 6 weeks. Infrastructure is high quality and there’s a sense of certainty in dealing with these countries, you just need to rigorously follow the rules. 

He expects to embark on an ambitious drill program this summer and is currently sourcing drilling equipment and expects a quick start. 

Pat has positioned Norden to Crown to take advantage of favorable metals market trends and lead the company forward to success. 

Company website:  Tickers: TSXV:NOCR - OTC:NOCRD - FRA:03E

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The more you can control your desires, the more you can control your financial life. Remote work opportunities give you the opportunity to live in lower cost areas and thereby improve your living standard and your ability to save. Good reliable talented people are harder than ever to find. And that means opportunity for people with a great work ethic and a desire to succeed. States that don’t levy an income tax can provide greater opportunities than other high tax states. Low/no tax states are seeing amazing growth and high job opportunities. Time to take ownership and responsiblity for your life, regardless what the government says or does. It’s the only route to long-term success. Jeff is a low-risk person. He’s invested in instruments based upon his needs, taking the least amount of risk to cover his needs. Zero interest rates are a real challenge to that effort. Energy, utilities, staples and other essentials are a good safe place to be. 25-75% in equities, using Benjamin Graham’s rule of thumb. 

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