Charlotte is the Managing Partner of Johns Creek Capital – an investment managing company that focuses on mobile home park investments. 


Numbers wise, they currently have 20 park investments, with a total investor subscription amount over $3.9M. Charlotte herself has also created over $500k in asset value in the past 12 months.


Charlotte really comes from humble beginnings and is a first-generation American citizen and college graduate after leaving China with just her belongings at age 16.

Some topics Charlotte could touch on during the podcast include:

  • How moving to America at a young age with minimal goods and starting her life independently helped change her outlook on success.

  • The benefits of lots compared to houses, and how they offer more room for investment opportunities like raising rent.

  • How to get started investing in mobile home parks and build long-term passive income.

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The markets were slammed on Monday but have totally rebounded. Rates have been crashing, however Jim believes that they’re going higher in the next 3-6 months. How much higher is the question. If the economy continues its growth track, the Fed will allow them to go higher. The 10 year would have to get close to 2.5% for the Fed to start buying up treasuries. Watch out for 3.5% inflation in the coming year. Markets will start doubting Powell’s transitory inflation meme. Wall Street will always toe the Fed’s line, this time is no exception. The next month is critical for gold and gold stocks.

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