One of our favorite things is brining you good news from a sponsor. And lately Doré Copper has had a lot of really good news. What you’re about to hear is hot off the press. Doré’s 2020 and recent 2021 drill programs have hit the mark. The plan was well thought-out and meticulously executed. CEO Ernie Mast believes he’s very near his goal of a 5 million ton resource, a whopping 65% increase over over Doré’s 2019 43-101 estimate. These results reinforce that Corner Bay is the cornerstone asset of Doré's holdings. Ernie is delivering exactly what he promised; the hub-and-spoke concept appears to be a winner both for Dore and its shareholders (including us).  (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF)

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Alasdair Macleod writes, “Basel 3 is on course to regulate the LBMA out of existence. And with it will go all the associated arbitrage business and position-taking on Comex, because most bullion bank trading desks will cease to exist. The only supply to buy-side speculators of gold and silver contracts will be producer hedging.” In other words the gig is up and the Emperor has no Gold. You heard it here first.

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CEO Russell Starr is always in search of value, which explains why he’s been buying shares in his own company Trillium Gold (sponsor). He stated, “It doesn’t get much cheaper than Trillium.” In the longer term, he believes that value always wins out. 

At present the company has two drills turning and is in the process of adding a third. It’s awaiting the assay results from 5000 meters of core. Russell is frustrated by the assay lab backlog that has plagued the industry with lengthy delays. However, he expects the release of Trillium’s drill results to be imminent and that the stage is set for the Newman Todd Project to deliver some excellent numbers.. 

It is often said that management may have many reason to sell its shares, but it only has one reason for buying them. As shareholders we believe this will hold true for Trillium.  

Trillium Gold Mines (TSX.V:TGM — OTCQX:TGLDF)

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