Fury Gold Mines just released significant drill results. It drilled a top five intercept to date - 23.27 g/t gold over 7.09 meters outside the defined resource at Eau Claire. The last time we spoke with CEO Mike Timmins, he assured us the pace of results was quickening, and clearly he has over-delivered. He and Michael Henrichsen (Exploration SVP) came on to discuss the impact of the latest news. 

Results have been coming in at a rapid rate. It was just a week ago when the company announced it found more high-grade gold in the adjoining Snake Lake structure. In addition it identified a new mineralized horizon between the Eau Claire and Snake Lake structures. 

Timmins expressed the belief that Snake Lake could have the same size potential as Eau Claire, which would greatly increase the scale of the project. He commented, “This is the kind of project that everyone is looking for… We’re just getting started, 7 months in.”

As noted mining analyst and newsletter writer David Erfle recently observed, “[The] Junior Gold Stock Fire sale is probably over…” And as the market recognizes the great potential of Fury, the recent rise in its share price is further evidence in support of that view. If things continue on the way they have, there could be a big payday ahead for Fury’s shareholders. 

Website: www.FureyGold.com   Ticker on TSX/NYSE: FURY

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By all appearances the Covid-19 pandemic appears to be winding down. After the great disruptions and chaos of the past year, people are now wondering how to resume their normal lives. Many of you are suffering from PTSD. Some people just can stand the idea of giving up their masks in public. Then there's the issue of re-starting your social life. And what about those who have4 suffered grave economic injury, how do you put it all in the past and move? Noted clinical psychologist Dr. John Huber gives some solid easy steps you can take to create a new normal that's even better than the old one. 

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