We’re heading towards a two tier system, the wealthy and the have nothings. The market will continue increasing because the Fed is buying everything. No one should be surprised by what’s happening. The worse the economic news is, the more gleeful the market gets. They know the Fed will keep upping their purchases. They’re creating artificial demand for housing by buying mortgage backed securities in the midst of booming housing demand.

You need to be in hard assets. Cryptos gold, etc. Buy the market. Large cap stocks that pay dividends. Yes cryptos can actually go down. Expect wild price action. Nobody can pick the top or bottom. Speculators can expect to see major volatility. Cryptos are going higher because of the Fed. You need to acquire alternative currency. Greg’s buying dash.

The average investor has absolutely no chance when dealing with the pros. They’re designed to separate the sheep from their wool. People are always going to fall for these traps. We’re seeing a takeover of the country and the destruction of the dollar.

What better way for central banks to finish their plan than introduce an “illness” and use it to shut down the global economy. Then they jumped into the mix and profitted handsomely. Nothing ever happens by accident. It’s all about control and more control. Especially after the dollar has been phased out. Everything will be tracked.

If you understand the game, there’s no limited to what you can achieve. We can’t stop the corruption but they’re so predictable and they can easily be anticipated.

It’s the creation of a slave society created by fear and the government.

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With the tax filing deadline looming online scammers have moved into high gear to try and steal your personal information. A whole series of tried and true scams are being directed at those who may not be paying attention as they race the May 15th deadline.

"This is prime time for scammers who use the confusion of the last week of getting your IRS info together and filed to initiate a slew of scams that end up costing you money or your personal information," says CEO of Cyber Security Giant FitechGelb Ian Marlow (see short bio below).
Some of the scams include threatening phishing emails and requests for personal information from from those posing as IRS representatives.

The IRS never initiates contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information. This includes requests for PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts.
So how can you protect your personal information as you race to get your taxes filed?

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