Perth Mint’s unallocated, pooled account program appears to be in trouble. People seeking delivery or allocated metals have been complaining about major delays or even a failure to delivery. In their recent annual report, they indirectly admit that they don’t have the metal. It’s been re-hypothocated to the moon. Advice, especially now, never, ever buy unallocated anything. Andy says that Perth has been a great supplier of physical silver to his company. Beware of counter-party risk. It’s evidenced by the recent run on Comex. Beware of SLV and GLD. Inflation and interest rates have been heading higher and have no where to go but up. Money printing is completely out of control. Inflation is running 3-4 times higher than the nominal interest rate being paid on treasuries. It’s a very precarious position. They can’t raise rates to attack inflation. Until you see rates rise above the rate of inflation, there’s plenty of room to go higher in the gold and silver market. Basel 3 June 28 of this year the new net stabilization rules go into effect. The mandate will increase 85 percent collateral in metlas markets, up from nearly zero now. More on that later.

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We spoke with Ivan Bebek Co-Founder/Co-Chair/Director and Peter Dembicki President/CEO of Tier One Silver, particularly about it’s impending listing on the TSX-V. (TSLV).  It could come as soon as this Thursday. US Investors will be able to purchase shares through brokers that allow purchase of Canadian stocks, such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Interactive Investors and others. The US listing will come within a matter of weeks. 

Originally Bebek was planning for a February listing. The Venture Exchange has been backlogged with numerous mining companies who are working through the listing process. Delays are frustrating, but here it will eventually work to Tier One investors’ advantage.  Once the drill starts turning and results follow, few will have any memory of the delay. 

More importantly, while pursuing the listing, management has been extremely active. A major acquisition was consumated and more studies of the Curibaya Project were conducted in an effort to develop new targets. Additional samples were done and robust numbers returned. Bebek says that the company is now in a very strong position to develop multiple projects.

CEO Dembicki observed that permits are in place and drilling will start in just a few short weeks. Peruvian assay times are relatively rapid, so expect results and news-flow to come fast and furious. And companies are once again getting paid a big premium for major discoveries. That could mean huge outsized returns for shareholders, such as yours truly. Reserved ticker TSX.V - TSLV

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