There’s something spectacular taking in the crypto space. Bob believes that behind the scenes a gold-backed crypto that will become the global reserve currency. Goldman has now come up with a crypto trading desk. This is a repeat of Goldman’s 1929 fund that was set up to invest in trusts. This is typical of a bubble coming to the end. Gamestop was just another step in the bubble markets. In November we saw margin debt hit a cycle high. The collapse or decline usually happens 6 months later. And here we are. New highs in copper will lead to major declines in prices. It’s RSI is matching 2007-08. Time to bail? Corn likewise is also hitting another peak. Bob says we’re in the super-cycle for financial assets. Once the financial mania is over, everything deflates or at least it has for the past 5 cycles. Dollar shorts are going to get burnt as usual. Most debts are made in dollars and must be paid back in dollars. 

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When you’re developing a financial plan you need to determine your underlying why. You need to live in the present and prepare for the future. Technical things are important. Markets will crash and life is of course very unpredictable and uncertain. Your plan has to be updated regularly and realistically. He looks for tax efficiency and low cost. Jim is also looking towards Bitcoin, and advises clients to 3-20% in Bitcoin. Jim is not a Dogecoin believer. 

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