Trilogy Metals (sponsor) has been ceaselessly working to develop Alaska’s Ambler mining district, which has a huge high grade copper deposit of over 4%, along with large amounts of gold, silver, lead and zinc. They’re benefitting greatly from record high copper prices. The company is extremely well capitalized, with over $80mm in liquidity and a major joint venture partner - South 32. We got an update from President/CEO Tony Giardini. He’s planned 15000 meters of drilling for this year, financed by a huge $27mm budget. 

Tony explained the highly positive affects that high copper and gold prices have had on the latest FS (feasibility study). He indicated that the project's NPV (net present value) had nearly doubled to $2 billion and that it’s IRR (internal rate of return) was now over 40%. 


We also got a status update on the connector road that will link the company’s projects to the famed Dawson Highway. It’s all systems go. The appropriate state agencies have budgeted funds, along with Trilogy, to commence work and all interested parties are working hard behind the scenes to make this project a reality. TMQ’s share price has responded accordingly, recently making new 52 week highs, nearly double it’s 52 week low. 

While this is a longer term project, its success is greatly enhanced by the world’s insatiable demand for copper. In the transition to an electrified future, Trilogy will play a vital role.  Tickers - TSX/NYSE-MKT: TMQ 

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