Dr. Richard Ebeling joined us today for an in depth discussion of the role of the state, free markets and Austrian Economics. For decades, Dr. Ebeling has been at the movement's forefront. Now at long last it's starting to get traction. He believes that the best cure for Internet censorship and our relationship with China is to let the market work. Eventually it will bring about the desired results, whether it's freeing up the Internet or bringing peace between the US and China. Controversial but well thought out. He will be back with us again soon. 

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Kenneth Ameduri of CrushtheStreet.com believes that Bitcoin will make its widely anticipated return and again throw off impressive returns. Prices are getting close to a bottom and will reverse course starting a new bull market. Cannabis stocks got slammed a couple of weeks ago, but they're still a major growth market and you should be ready for the next advance. It's expanding all over the country and the world. Michigan just approved recreational Cannabis and there's over a dozen countries looking to do the same. It could be the next great investment wave. But be ready for increased market volatility, it's probably here to stay. 

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Hillary Kramer is all about finding those stocks that are the game changers. Much like Peter Lynch, she believes that the best companies are yet to be found. Whether it's TJ Maxx, UPS Stores, Apple or a host of other up and coming companies, they're out there like gem stones just waiting to be scooped up. 

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