Todd Bubba Horwitz joined us for a discussion of the coming Fed Rate Hike and what we can expect. Shortly after the interview the Fed raised overnight rates by 25 basis points and we saw the long bond rate fall and the stock market suffer continued major losses. We also saw gold fall slightly and then rebound over $20 on Thursday. Is this anyway to run an economy? Central bankers are running out of options and that can only mean increased volatility and major economic disruptions ahead. But Bubba gives you several ways to process from this inevitable scenario. 

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As expected the Fed increased rates a quarter of a percent. They might be reconsidering future rate increases, subject to economic forecasts ahead. The economy is firing on all cylinders, at least for now. The question is whether the economy will keep expanding into the coming year and has for nearly 40 quarters. Clearly, we could be near the end of the cycle, but when will the party end? Higher rates are certainly having an impact, how bad will it be? Now it's wait and see. 

Next we looked at oil. And Ed believes it could be headed lower. The three major producers are all producing at record levels. The OPEC supply cuts haven't seemed to have much affect. Shale has survived and production has only increased. Longer term it looks like more of the same. 

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Author and publisher John Truman Wolfe says get ready for more trouble in the banking sector. Derivatives will help lead the next disaster. And the big banks are by no means insulated. Citibank just reported a $180 loan loss to an Asian hedge fund. And this could just be the beginning. Unsound loans to weak borrowers is an ongoing pattern. Nothing ever really changes. 

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Our good friend The Gold and Oil Guy Chris joined us for a look at major markets. He says we'll know very shortly whether we're in a bear market. A couple more trading sessions should point the way. Gold is looking pretty good, but it's not going to be straight up for it like in the past. Volatility is the key. Oil is heading down perhaps as low as $40 per barrel. Natgas looks like it has peaked, but beware of rough weather ahead. Finally, he sees a light at the end of the Bitcoin tunnel. It could be bottoming out and getting ready for another advance. 

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Heather Wagenhals thinks this could be the merriest of Christmas for the online scammers. Their latest scheme is to redirect potential marks to sites that appear to be legitimate shopping sites. The unsuspecting victim believes they're placing an actual order, but in reality they're divulging their credit card info and personal information. It's a two-for-one scam. They going to get charged and the fraudster can then market their personal data. Nice work if you can get it. 

And of course the usual charitable scams are taking place at light speed. Taking advantage of people's generosity, money gets sent to a fraudulent charity, leaving the donor with no recourse whatsoever. And these are just a few examples of the massive frauds taking place. Beware!

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