Egypt has decided to join the modern world. According to Mark Campbell, of our sponsor Aton Resources, mining reform is coming very soon to the country. For over 50 years, Egypt has been a socialist playground. Now the authorities have turned the corner and they're on the verge of passing highly favorable laws to help the mining industry grow and prosper. And that is great news for Aton Resources, who's Rodruin Project is on the cusp of something major. Check the company's site to see what's happening. 

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For the past few months Stock Markets have been hellish. But Nick Santiago isn't discouraged. While we've seen a fairly major correction, it's not necessarily proof that we're in a new bear market. Nick's optimistic that the China Trade War will be worked out. He's been bearish on oil for quite a while, and he called for lower prices. Now it's under $50 per barrel and he's thinking it could go lower still. Right now he's taking the contrarian view of the home builders and believes they'll be bouncing back. A lot of other surprising calls made by Nick and worth taking a look at. 

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Life can be a roll coaster. One moment you're on top of the world and the next you're down, for no particular reason. Especially these days, you just never know. According to Matt Bertram, the downs are a great opportunity for growth and that's exactly what he's done. He's been successful in a number of different industries and perhaps that's why he's become so skilled at bouncing back. And we certainly can from his experience. You should take a look at his recent Brand Mania Book.

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