It's no secret that China has been acquiring vast sums of gold over the past decade. Jeff Clark believes that when the true extent of their acquisitions is revealed it will lead to a major rally in precious metals prices. The Chinese have also been busy buying up and investing in mining projects around the globe. In addition, gold contracts on the Shanghai are settled in physical metal, which is further pulling gold out of the West. Taking all these factors into consideration, at some point the price of gold is almost certain to rise substantially. 

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2555 is the low Charles expected on the S&P. He's been out of stocks since January and thinks the decline will continue into first quarter of 2019. Today’s earnings look bad and the Treasury yield is down. Unemployment peak is negative for the economy. the smart money is moving out of the market and has been for quite a while. 60 year social unrest cycle has appeared (remember the 1960's) and it’s just getting started. Oil price is telling us deflation is on its way. Commodity cycle is turning down. Long term oil is coming down to mid 30’s, Copper is coming down as well. Ag commodities look good in the long run. Home builders recent sharp decline is a great indicator of real estate cycles. Stay tuned!

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It's been 10 years since the Crash of 2008-09. And we have learned absolutely nothing. A look at the rioting in France proves this point. There are many aspects to it, but failing economic policies, higher prices, out of control immigration have all contributed to the inferno. Will Marine LaPen be the next lead of France? Let's find out what the bookies are saying. We also answer your questions so keep them coming. 

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