Noted author, fund manager and economist Nathan Lewis joined the show for the first time. He's written a number of books about how a gold standard can successfully be re-implemented. He believes that for right now, the dollar's value is acting as if it were backed by gold. It's been relatively stable for years. Can it continue down this path indefinitely into the future? There's really no way to know, but many naysayers have long predicted the dollar's death and so far they've been completely wrong. 

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Stock market is reaching cycle highs. S&P high is getting closer. Bond markets are looking positive. The dollar is headed higher. Gold could be heading much lower in September after its current bounce is over. Charles doesn't see any inflation ahead, but deflation could be coming back. Crude oil could be going lower to under $65. The next two months are going to be very interesting for sure. 

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Eager to clear his name from the ignominy of his last stand - but forced to do so incognito, under the clever pseudonym Armstrong - Custer comes across evildoings in the mysterious Montana town of Bloody Gulch, which a ruthless Indian trader runs as his own personal fiefdom, with rumors of muder, slavery, and buried treasure.

Armstrong is a rip-roaring tale of action, adventure, and hilarity as the ridiculously handsome, astonishingly brave, and highly susceptible milk-drinking cavalryman travels through the untamed West.

The Custer of the West Series begins here - and it's a wild ride you won't want to miss. 

"The world has a new hero - actually an old hero reimagined - George Armstrong Custer, in this delightfully funny alternative history that's better, or at least happier, than the real thing." - WINSTON GROOM, bestselling author of Forrest Gump and El Paso

"Droll satire, this is the West as it might have been if the Sioux hadn't saved us." - STEPHEN COONTS, bestselling author of Flight of the Intruder and Liberty's Last Stand

"If Custer died for our sins, Armstrong resurrects him for our delight. Not just the funniest book ever written about an Indian massacre, but laugh out loud funny, period. The best historical comic adventure since George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman." - PHILLIP JENNINGS, author of Nam-A-Rama and Goodbye Mexico

"Crocker has created a hilarious hero for the ages. Armstrong rides through the Old West setting right the wrongs, and setting wrong the rights, in a very funny cascade of satire, history, and even patriotism." - ROB LONG, Emmy- and Golden Globes-nominated screenwriter and co-executive producer of Cheers

What if Custer survived the Battle of the Little Bighorn?

What if he became a gun-for-hire?

And what if he made common cause with a troupe of cancan dancers, Chinese acrobats, an eyepatch-wearing rebel cardsharp, and a multilingual Crow scout?

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