The economy is booming or so we believe. But is it really just a debt fueled consumer orgy? There's a reason why debt is a four letter word. Student loans are through the roof! Same with sub-prime auto loans as well as credit cards. Is this truly the pathway to sustainable growth and prosperity for the nation and the world? Trump appears to be winning the trade wars. Who'd a thunk it, other than us? What more is in store? The Trumps wins just keep on piling up and up. 

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The US continues to go deeper and deeper into while the developing world is seeing one currency implode after another. Who will be the next casualty? No one in the US seems to be too concerned. While the last global financial crisis began with the US sub-prime mortgage market, perhaps the next has already begun with weaker currencies blowing up left and right. Gold and silver have both taken it on the chin, but at some they will represent reality. 

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John commented on Gold's $20 spike on Friday due in large part to Fed Chair Powell's dovish statements. It's been a grinding depressing stretch for precious metals. But the latest COT report shows the speculators are net short, the last time this happened was in 1999, the beginning of a long glorious run. The tree does not grow to the sky. 

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Jeff says, "We’re in a time when we need good financial information and excellent financial advice. We’re not getting it, and that’s a huge problem. Life expectancy is longer, medical costs are rising, Social Security is tenuous, and markets are rocky. The information that enters our homes, whether it is through the mail, the TV, or the internet, is dubious at best. The smiling investment guy in the suit offering to help may not be any better. This book was written so opportunities won’t be lost behind everything else you’re bombarded with concerning your finances — and so you can put your interests first.It will clear up a lot of misconceptions, stop the leaks, and provide a clear view and best path to viable options. Although I work exclusively with retirees and pre-retirees, Turning Financial Planning Right Side Up is invaluable to people of all ages. As a financial advisor, I help everyday people prepare for what my staff and I call “the art of financial self-defense.” Their retirement funds are designed so they pull out as much income as they can, but leave their assets intact and avoid losses."

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