Buck Joffrey believes that real estate markets are probably near their peak. However, there's still plenty of opportunities for value-adds. Finding undervalued properties that with a minor investment and a little bit of love can appreciate dramatically. As Buck says, "There's never a shortage of poorly managed properties." Your job is to find them or find someone who's expert at finding them. The returns from such investing can be extremely profitable. 

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Kitco's Peter Hug joined us for a review of the precious metals markets and why they've been going down. Seasonal factors have helped push it down, but there are geo-political forces at play that could drive it up again at any moment: from North Korea, to Iran, to the trade war with China. It's anyone's guess what shoe will drop and when, but it's probable that something will at some point in the future. 

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While we can't read the exact future in the Commitment of Traders Report or COT, there are some interesting tea leaves available for your viewing pleasure. The speculators or specs have just about given up. And most importantly they're almost always wrong. They regularly miss the major movements in the metals markets and John believes that this time will be no different. Couple this with a peaking economy that can't keep growing forever and the result becomes obvious. Now is not the time to give up. 

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Bob Hoye, student of economic history par excellent believes that the second coming of gold is still a ways off, but that when it comes and it will, the movement will be shocking. There's still a number of up and down gyrations ahead, but as the economy overheats and bubbles the world over start to pop, buckle your seat and enjoy the flight. 

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Andrei Polgar joined us again. He's emphatic about having a plan, although what that plan should be is always the question. It all depends upon your circumstances. None of us know what the future holds. Perhaps some crypto-currency or some gold or silver. It all depends upon your circumstances, where you live and what resources you have. There's no set answer and it's up to all of us to think things out and where we need to be. 

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