We've done dozens of interviews over the past month on the #reinstitutionalizenow movement. We've said it before and we'll say it again, there's is no other way to help the homeless. And we're already spending the money, so what's the point of deceiving ourselves any further that it's humane to allow the homeless to live on our streets? I also provide an insight into what the Saudi - Canadian clash is all about. Alligator strikes in SC. And loads more as always. Go take a look at FSN and see the latest news. 

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Nick Santiago is no stranger to market timing and cycles. His previous calls have often been nothing short of prescient. Now, he's calling for a major stock market advance in October. Tis the season. Gold, copper, oil could all be heading lower, with gold set for another low before beginning a major advance. It's all in the timing. And Nick knows that better than just about anyone else out there. 

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