Seems like just yesterday the movie Idiocracy came out. The premise was that hi-IQ achievers were finding it harder and harder to breed, whereas the low-IQ no achievers were procreating in droves. This led to a true dumbing down of society and eventually corporations like Gatoraid ran everything. What's an average intellect to do but take over the world. We also discussed the need to institutionalize the homeless. John has vast experience working with Austin TX's homeless population and has some surprising insights. 

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Seems that everywhere you look they're bashing President Trump. Can they actually bring him down? Well if the FBICIADOJDOSComeyObama  can't do it then probably no one can, not even Omorosa or Stormy Daniels. Trump is so many steps ahead of his opposition. You don't have to be Q anon to figure this one out. More Trump adventures ahead. And there's Trump Hollywood Stars popping up all over the Boulevard. 

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Gerald Celente stopped by today to discuss the rising tide of currency collapses. It seems that just about everywhere you look there's a country who's currency is on the skids. Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, Russia and the list goes on. No surprises here, just more fallout from the ultimate failed US Dollar short. Where it stops nobody knows, but there's a lot more turmoil ahead. And don't forget about major internet censorship kicking in. First they came for Alex Jones...

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