During most of the bull market, momo money flows have been positive to extremely positive in FAANG stocks. Now for the first time, there are early signs of the momo crowd turning on FAANG stocks.

To be clear, this is not an all out “sell” signal on FAANG stocks for two reasons. 

• The smart money is still not selling into the weakness. As The Arora Report has been sharing with its subscribers, the smart money has been lightly selling into the strength.

• The momo crowd is fickle. 

Three fundamental changes

Here are the three fundamental changes behind the turn.

• Facebook is under fire because its data has been misused. Is Facebook data a weapon that Facebook cannot completely control?

• The European Union may impose a 3% tax on gross revenues on big tech companies. If this happens, it will hurt earnings.

• There is a report that Apple is working on its own display technology. This will hurt many Apple suppliers. The ones that are seeing an immediate effect in their stock prices are Universal Display OLED, +5.37% LG Display LPL, -0.74% and Synaptics SYNA, +0.94%

Five stages you need to know

To profit from change, investors need to know the five stages of change. Please click here to see the chart showing the five stages for a “buy” position. Please click here to see the five stages of a “short” position. A short position is a bet on a decline in a stock. 

What to do now

The Arora Report subscribers have been provided with detailed guidance. What you do now depends on the following factors.

• Are you overly concentrated in FAANG stocks?

• Are you overly concentrated in tech stocks?

• Have you been taking partial profits along the way? 

• When did you buy those stocks?

• Based on the size of your unrealized gains, what are the tax consequences?

Finally, watch the flows to see if a buying opportunity develops or more partial profits need to be taken.

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