First a big thanks to the hundreds of you who sent your prayers and wishes concerning my sister's passing. It really meant the world to me. You are amazing!

The Stem Cell show that I spoke of 18 months ago is now a reality. Stem Cell Solutions will report on new advances in regenerative medicine, interview people who've gotten these procedures done and let you know the inside info on how it's going to revolutionize medicine in our life times. If you've got any orthopedic issues, you need to check it out. Call the doctors for a no fee consult at 800-420-2869 or check out their website

We talk about the so-called March for our Lives. Bogus, manipulated kids being used as pawns. If new laws and regulation were the key, we'd be the happiest and safest place on the planet. Heck, Congress could pass a law requiring everyone to live in total bliss and happiness. But as you know, it don't work that way. Think about it!

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President Trump has been using access to US markets to force countries to modify their anti-American trade practices. It worked with South Korea and it's working with other countries too. The US is finally standing up to China to prevent intellectual property theft and trans shipment of Chinese over production. Even the EU is starting to fall into line with their own interests. We'll see how it progresses over the next several months. 

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Houston we have a problem, actually a lot of them. The current bull market in global stocks has been proceeding a pace for 9 years. That makes this one the grandaddy of them all. Meanwhile, back in the real world, there has been little if any growth and if you adjust inflation accordingly, it's arguable that we've actually been in a major downturn since 2008. What's a central planner/central banker to do? Add to that picture, burgeoning sovereign debt on global scale, public pension plans about to go bust in the Western world and more currency units than can be appreciated, and you know there's big problems ahead. 

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