Minesh Bhendi started investing in real estate when he was just 16 years old. In 2009 he got into investing in Gold & Silver. Minesh set wanted to create an investment strategy that worked like an appliance, just plug it in and it works. Through Gold And Silver For Life he shares that strategy, a proven concept with clients worldwide. With returns of 1-2% per month, he might just have hit upon something. 


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The re-release of Roseanne set all sorts of records. More than 25 million people watched the first show. Where's all this enthusiasm and interest coming from? It seems to have hit a nerve in the collective conscious of the American public. Can we look forward to more shows displaying a pro-Trump conservative bias? 

Facebook is failing for now. Will it continue? Everyone has known that they've been selling data to the highest bidder, but it seems that they've been giving it away to groups that embrace their politics, like the 2012 Obama campaign, and they may have just crossed the line. Remember, buy Facebook, sell Zuckerberg.

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