Ron Hosko tells us that last week, the Washington Post committed half of an entire page of newsprint to a Wesley Lowery article entitled “Police are still killing black people. Why don’t we notice?” Lowery, as he tends to do, works hard to keep alive the notion that police wantonly hunt and gun down innocent blacks and now his frustration with the lack of attention on the subject is pointed, unsurprisingly, at President Trump. He’s right on some points, including that Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, played regularly into the Post’s preferred theme of abusive and racist policing in America. Yet Lowery gives more, salting his complaints with the wholly misleading dog whistles that presumably help him make his point. He buries three seemingly important names in his article – Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray – each working as triggers that will get his undiscriminating readers nodding in vapid agreement.

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It's no secret that John has been a raging bear on Tesla. With it's bloated valuation and insatiable need for ever larger amounts of cash, it's a disaster waiting to happen. And then the unthinkable, one of its cars crashes and burns, killing its owner. 

The market is down another 555 points today, just 111 away from the magical 666! And now France is saying it can't regulate social media companies. Who would want to do such a thing anyway? It's about time we cracked down on the censoring social media giants and data miners. Their product is you and I, using our data to control our behavior. Enough is enough!

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Dr. Jerome Corsi joined us again to talk about his new book Killing the Deep State - The Fight to Save President Trump. The level and depth of the corruption and the plan to depose the President is breathtaking in its audacity and its naiveté. Never before in American History has a secret cabal so openly attempted to subvert the will of the electorate. Now they're on the defensive and we all hope and pray that they'll finally be exposed for what they are. It's coming soon to a courthouse near you. 

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