Author and reformed hedge fund manager Joel Salomon joined us today. He's a prosperity coach and calls himself the Money Shrink. Investing is about having the right attitude and mindset. It's not easy to avoid the investment mine fields but Joel helps his clients do it. It's all about confidence. But how do you know if your self-confidence is misplaced and that comes down to belief levels. 

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The world is changing rapidly. The US Dollar was once as good as gold. China is now the largest petroleum consumer in the world. They're attempting to take over the oil futures market and thereby set the world price. Up until now they've received very little pushback from the US. You need to be ready for the tumultuous events of the future. 

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Another film by our favorite filmmaker Joel Gilbert. The movie is a hilarious look at the president's master branding techniques and how it helped him win the election. His ability to brand his opponents with derogatory nicknames such as low energy Jeb, little Marco, lyin' Ted and so many others is well honed. This was part of a well thought out strategy that led him to the White House. You can't argue with success. 

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