Credit cycles are shifting and yields are going up. The so-called recovery has just about run its course. Credit is going to become harder to get, so get it while you can. This means that defaults are going to start becoming a more regular phenomena at all levels of society, private, corporate and governmental. The dollar will continue to do well as will precious metals and the mining sector. Not exactly what Wall Street is espousing. 

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Trump's been in office a little more than two months. He's done a number of things right, such as his cabinet appointments, executive orders and regulatory roll-backs. However, his White House Staff is strictly minor league. They don't know how to get things done and it shows. Will he rebound from his early errors? The jury is still out, but perhaps now is the time for a little humility and a staff reorganization.  

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Unlike Obama, Trump is promising true transformation. Obama promised more and faster socialism, Trump is looking for a complete redefinition of the relationship between the government and society. Johnny Rotten seems to agree. He believes that the media isn't giving Trump a fair chance. 

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