Once upon a time, you went to college, got a degree and found success in life. Now it's different. Tuition is through the roof and so is debt. Massive student loans, second mortgages and for what? Parent retirement goes out the window. Illinois's finances have led to greater unaffordability of its state schools. This has led to staff layoffs and no more tenure. Cheaper teachers and lower quality education. What's a central planner to do? Is it any wonder why the globe is embracing nationalist candidates and drastic solutions? 

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Let's face it, California is on the skids. Pension debt is out of control. Infrastructure is crumbling. The governor inhabits an alternative reality and the legislature seems to have been consuming too much marijuana before it became legal. Now we can only imagine how much their consumption will increase. Companies are fleeing and taking jobs with them. 9000 companies have left the state in the last 5 years. A record to be proud of. 

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Gold and silver have been showing surprising strength, but it's not surprising to Ned Schmidt. He's been expecting it all along. He's very pessimistic on dollar. Ned sees a major bull market forming in agricultural commodities. Corn and soybeans are the next commodities that will see a run up. China is coming back big, buying up agricultural products, especially corn. It's been two years since that happened. Unfortunately, Ned says that the ag stocks are overvalued so you have to play the commodities to profit. 

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