Does the old Wall Street maxim Three Steps and a Stumble still apply? Danielle believes that the more things change the more they stay the same. The stock market has so far overshot all traditional measures of value that a bear market has become virtually inevitable. It all comes down to when. Danielle has been in the business a long time and has seen manic cycles come and go and they all wind up the same way. There's no reason why this one should end differently. This time will not be different. 

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Alasdair MacLeod of sat down with us today. There's so many problems besetting the world, it's hard to know where to start. Mass surveillance has us thinking that Orwell's 1984 was actually a Utopian Tome. Gold and silver look set to strengthen for the rest of the year as the dollar is set to weaken. The Trumphoric rise could well be coming to an end. Hard to tell right now. Where do we go from here? Until monetary systems are reformed, it's very likely to be more of the same. 

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Wall Street first and foremost sells dreams. The Trump dream has begun to fade. John believes that the jubilation that greeted Trump's election by the business community is starting to be confronted by reality. His agenda was fully priced into the market. Now with the defeat of the Obamacare Repeal the market is doing a double take. What will happen with tax reform and infrastructure? His entire agenda is now in question. 

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It took long enough to happen but Millennials are finally entering the home buying market. And on this first day of Spring that is welcomed news.

"Today begins the hottest home buying period of the year and we may have finally turned the corner when it comes to the next big wave of home buyers," says VP of Residential Home Funding in Pasipanny, NJ Ralph DiBugnara.

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