Precious metals and mining stocks' prices often move together, but not always. Eric Hadik has been warning that this will be one of those times. He sees metals moving higher in the second half of the year into 2018. Not so for the stocks, at least at the present time. They could be subject to stock market movements that send them lower at first. Eric believes that March is a pivotal time for the stock markets and caution is the byword. Will this present a major buying opportunity as it has often done in the past? Talk to you in July. 

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Obama's third term has begun. Our Republic is in danger. A few weeks after the election, I warned that Obama was planning to run the country from outside the White House. And that the "Obama Anonymous" network of staffers embedded in the government was the real threat. Since then, Obama's Kalorama mansion has become a shadow White House. And the Obama Anonymous network is doing everything it can to bring down an elected government. After Trump secured the nomination, Obama's people filed a wiretapping request. As he was on the verge of winning, they did it again. After he won, they've been doing everything they can to bring him down. It was always going to come down to this.

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Recently we wrote about President Trump’s workaholic constitution and how the media had yet to grasp its potentially negative impact upon their lives. Finally, they’re starting to get it. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple wrote “…journalists tasked with covering Donald Trump’s White House are growing weary thanks to the ‘unsustainable’ pace the president is setting – with long days ‘ruined weekends’ and ‘unpredictable’ moves.” His conclusion, Trump may outlast the White House Press Corps. We can only hope! 

Then we discussed VistaGold. A junior miner with a great project, money in the bank and a strong management team. They're having a Town Hall Call on Thursday, March 16, 2017 @ 2:15pm eastern time. Just click here to find out more.

US Attorney for the Southern District of New York has been fired by President Trump/Attorney General Jeff Sessions. What affect will that have upon the possible prosecution of Comrade deBlasio? This remains to be seen. 

There's lot's more here. Enjoy!

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Gone are the days when shopping centers and malls were the most secure real estate investment and loan that banks and insurance companies had on their books. With thousands of stores closing across the country, retail properties are plunging in value. Online shopping hasn't helped either. Mall owners don't know what to do. This has led to many of them simply mailing in the keys to their lenders, otherwise known as jingle mail. With big changes happening in the workplace, office space doesn't look too secure either. Get ready for a tsunami of commercial real estate loan write-downs. 

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This book written Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton: An Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in Vietnam was written by Amy Shively Hawk, Captain Shively’s adopted daughter. It's a touching story of an American hero. It's one of ultimate inspiration: despite brutal treatment in prison, the contemplation of suicide, and his beloved girlfriend moving on back home, he somehow found hope – proving, in his words, that “Life is only what you make of it.”

Escaping prison and eventually reuniting with his long-lost love, Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton is an encouraging story of hope and love that America needs in this negative news cycle. It's a great story and one that really shows what people are capable of under the worst circumstances

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10’s of thousands of stores closing, malls closing, it’s a nightmare. We have 3 times more stores than similar countries like Japan and France. Online is expanding by leaps and bounds. Brick and mortar companies are successfully expanding into online. It might look like they’re doing well, but this success is coming at a great cost. Staples and Macy’s and other brick and mortar retailers are doing major sales but losing money. They’re cannibalizing their own store sales. They don’t have a choice, but it’s killing them. A continuing catastrophe for retailers. This will cause commercial real estate to flounder as well. The developers will walk and send the keys off to the lender. Jingle mail on steroids. 

Howard then talks about healthcare reform, tax reform, the Trump Presidency and the economy at large. 

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