Mark's co-host Scott Todd had a great job at a Fortune 300 company. Great pay, benefits and future. However, he saw the handwriting on the wall. He knew that his job was soon going to be outsourced to India. He met Mark and started buying land. When that fateful day finally arrived, he had replaced most of his income and was happy to take the golden handshake. Now he works a couple of hours per day from wherever he may be and he's never happier and he's never looked back. Sound impossible. Many of Mark's students have done the same and so can you.

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March 15 is the Ides of March and the day the Debt Ceiling hits its limit. What will President Trump do? What will Congress do? What will investors do? What will you do? What should you do? Trump is a wild card, no pun intended. Precious metals seem to be under selling pressure presently but that could change very quickly as it has in the past. Don't second guess the market, it will show us the way. Keep your emotions out and keep your head. 

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Last week the state governors met with members of congress to discuss the fate of Obamacare. They were informed that the elimination of Obamacare would lead to disaster. States that participated in expanded Medicaid would lose billions in funding. Individuals who are receiving subsidies in the health insurance marketplace would wind up uninsured. Chaos would be the guaranteed result. In other words, the republican controlled congress putting its collective head together is unable to come up with anything better than Obamacare.

Was Trump really bugged? Odds are good he was. In fact we all are, Snowden told us that. So what else is new? Get used to it. And tell the Dems to stop bitching about the Russians. It's just another red herring. 

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By all rights the stock market advance should have come to its rightful conclusion. We're drowning in a sea of debt, both the debt we've acknowledged and the debt that we'll have to acknowledge when it comes due in the form of unfunded entitlements. It's just a matter of time. It looks like Trumphoria could be running out of steam. The only hope for the stock markets is if the Fed jumps in and starts buying stocks and at this point John believes anything is possible. Or perhaps a touch of hyperinflation, which has always sent the markets higher. 

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