Jason's YouTube channel was growing very nicely and then all of a sudden it wasn't. Subscribers were being involuntarily unsubscribed and viewer counts were being downgraded. Adding insult to injury, they decided not to pay him any longer for his monetized videos. If this was only an isolated case we could chalk it up to a technical glitch, but it's happening more and more to conservative and libertarian minded content producers. Twitter has become a virtual censorship orgy. Where will it stop? Perhaps with a Gofundme campaign and a class-action lawsuit would help. 

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Baby-boomers are ill prepared for their impending retirement. Therefore, it is urgent that they make major life-style changes as soon as possible. Aaron's upcoming book details a major life adjustment that will enable anyone to retire in comfort and happiness if they will take the plunge. However, time is running out and the sooner one makes the changes the better of they will be. 

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The financial system has become a paradise for scammers, fraudsters and banksters and no one wants to stop the party. Let the good times roll and when they stop, the government will be there to bail everyone out. The price you pay for living in a perfect world. How did we get here and how will we ever move one? Can technology save us or will it just make things inevitably worse? Danielle has her opinion and we have ours. 

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Janet Yellen signals March rate hike is possible. David Scranton is concerned about the effect upon the stock market at this point in the rally/recovery. We've been in a recovery for many years, how much longer can it continue. What if the Trump Bump runs into trouble with delays in getting his agenda through the Congress, will the market react negatively. 

David Scranton, CEO and Founder of, Sound Income Strategies. Author of New Book; "Return on Principle: 7 Core Values to Help Protect Your Money in Good Times and Bad"

Maximize your retirement and focus on income and master the “inside game” armed with a fresh perspective of 200 years of stock market history tied to the exact lifecycle of the average investor.

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Craig Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson of TFMetalsReport.com joined us for a look at the latest state of the precious metals market. As usual the mining stocks broke down and gold/silver followed them. This has become a boring repetitious cycle that we've been seeing for years. The paper derivatives as usual are determining the physical price. But why would you expect anything else? It will continue on until it no longer works, it's the alchemy of synthetic gold. 

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