When it comes to the Libertarian Movement, Lew Rockwell has been there from the beginning and has seen it all. He was Ludwig von Mises' editor; a colleague and friend of Hayek, Rothbard: and worked on the Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul campaigns. He helped found the Mises Institute and describes himself as an anarcho-libertarian. He believes that in spite of the doom and gloom that we're feeling today, there's much to be optimistic about. Libertarianism is resonating with the young like never before. China and Vietnam are reaping the benefits of economic freedom in ways that most thought impossible just a few decades back. And the web of lies, which the current paradigm is built upon, are starting to crumble. Lew believes that the truth will always win out in the end. 

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Ayn Rand's Steve Simpson was on discussing the fake dispute over corporate inversions and whether they're unpatriotic. Recently the President struck out at companies who merge with overseas businesses and move their headquarters to lower their tax burden. For some reason they've have been branded unAmerican. Steve sees it otherwise. Most people believe that we all have a duty to legally lower our taxes and this applies to corporations as well, regardless what Warren Buffet has to say about it. We also discussed the IRS email scandal and how the missing emails have magically shown up again. Amazing what can happen when the courts reassert their authority. 

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