Ben Brunson is an economist, author and thinker on things political and military. Besides the actual facts of the incident that took place in Ferguson, Mo., the police reaction seemed off balance and not well thought out. Coming out in military uniforms with armored transports and weaponry was pouring gasoline on the fire. Rather than putting out the disturbance, it caused it to continue for two weeks. But looking the other way didn't work either. Militarized police are the rule in America today. How did it happen and where is this trend headed? Ben gives us a closer look and helps you understand what's next. 

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Jason Hartman was on to discuss the Robotification of the workforce. By some estimates as many as 45% of all jobs are ripe for replacement by robots. Will this really happen? It's very possible, consider the case of the automated burger flipper that produces 360 burgers per hour, never takes a coffee break or a sick day. Or the driverless Google Car that takes you on your way at high speeds in near complete safety, day or night. It's coming and coming soon, to an interstate near you. 

Jason's giving away a couple tickets to his Little Rock event in September. Email him at

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Ayn Rand Institute's Don Watkins is outraged over the notion that Walmart employees deserve a piece of the profits just for showing up. Walmart does have a profit sharing plan in place. The obvious question comes to mind, if the employees want to share profits, are they willing to share losses as well? Obviously not, that's why they're employees. There's a difference between capital and labor and it's called risk. 

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Robert Ian has made a career of helping others keep up with and adjust to change. Now we're seeing the pace of change accelerate all around us. It's no longer enough to just keep up, you've got to anticipate it and stay ahead of it. Keeping debt low and investing in yourself always works whenever it's tried. That's what Conquering Change is all about. 

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