John Rubino says that last year the world kind of forgot about Europe. After ECB head Mario Draghi vowed to “do whatever it takes” to get the Continent growing, the markets calmed down, money got cheap and plentiful and functionally-bankrupt countries like Greece, Italy and Spain stopped making scary headlines. To the casual observer it began to look like the euro project might actually succeed.

Then the mirage evaporated. Five years into a recovery that should, if it followed the normal script, be in danger of overheating, the major eurozone countries are actually slipping back into recession. Germany and Italy clocked in with -0.2% GDP growth in the second quarter, while France was exactly zero. For countries that continue to pile new debt on top of already unsustainable mountains of old debt, zero growth isn’t stasis, it’s death. So how far can QE be? 

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In Gerald Celente's latest Trends Journal he compares today's food with that of yester year. As might be expected, the quality is way down. Same with our dress and the way we speak and conduct ourselves. Gerald says if you want to change the country, change yourself. We all need to take responsibility for the way things are today. His new movement OccupyPeace.Us is the beginning. Think and act locally! 

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We just got back from an incredible event in Dallas, TX--Podcast Movement. There were over 600 Podcasters in attendance, producing programs on virtually any subject you can imagine, from pet care-to finance-to personal health. We're committed to expanding and distributing the newsletter up and running on a regular basis by the end of the month. We invite any loyal FSN member to get involved with this project. If you've got the time, there's a great opportunity here. Just write us at and let's see if we can work together here. We're also looking to help coach rising entrepreneurs. It's your way to success in the New Economy!

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Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • 10 Year yield plunging;
  • Horrible retail sales;
  • Decision time major Central Banks need to decide;
  • Europe need to do QE fast;
  • China housing prices are plunging;
  • Power consumption is plunging across China;
  • UK housing prices are dropping at record rates;
  • Canada employment report revised upward;
  • New silver fix—Friday first day;
  • Fed's Jackson Hole Meeting this Friday.
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